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Icelandic Sheepdogs


A hardy, healthy, low maintenance breed, ISD's have been bred to serve many functions. 

As sheepdogs, they are upright herders who alert and move their flocks with their voices.  They have keen noses, useful for finding lambs in the snow and other rescue work.  Their double dewclaws help them in challenging terrain, over ice, and volcanic rock, forging streams and trudging through snow.  Coming from Iceland, they have a thick coat which protects them from wind, rain, and frigid temperatures.

As family members, Icelandic Sheepdogs are happiest alongside their humans, preferring to be inside when their people are inside and outside when their people are outside, and capable of working long hours in the field. They have a great deal of personality and charisma that is evident in their extensive problem solving capabilities.  They love to train!! 

We are an approved breeder for the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America.

For more information, click on the right hand link for the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America.