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Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110

Teach Purposefully. Train Purposefully. Live Purposefully.


Litter Counseling  

Breeding a litter of pups is a responsibility that requires a great deal of forethought and preparation.  The pups are more likely to stay in their new homes if proper socialization occurs during the first weeks of life.  We can help you determine if you are ready for the responsibility and help you prepare protocols for your pups that will give you confidence in the choices of experiences you choose to expose your litter to. $200/hr

Board and Train  

Available for young dogs only. The pup will live with us and be exposed to our reliable dogs, animals and the school children. Training will focus on relaxing around other animals and children as well as preparation for veterinary care, crate training, and foundation behaviors. Puppies need to have their first series of vaccines. Vacancies are limited $250/day, $1500/wk

Private Consultations  

Private training offers the opportunity to address just what is needed for the individual situation. Carefully selected training protocols based on the situation along with simple management can improve the quality of life for all members of the family. By learning in your home, or as a private group, the entire family can be involved and benefit from the sessions. $200/hr, minimum of two sessions

Service Dog Training  

There are many skills required for public access work and few dogs are emotionally ready to handle the demands of a career as a service dog.  We can help you determine if your dog is suited for public work and guide you through the process of training your dog to perform specific tasks. Occasionally we have dogs available for therapy or service work. Price based on project.

Clinical Environments

Stressful environments like veterinary offices, shelters and groomers, can be overwhelming for some animals.  We can help you configure your environment to reduce the stress on patients and staff. $200/hr

Seminar Topics

Short talks geared toward introductory understanding of the application of reinforcement strategies. $300 (90 min)

  • The Breeders Guide To Behavior:    Strategies to improve the likelihood of puppies staying in their new homes and reduce rehoming due to reactivity. 
  • Reducing Fear In The Veterinary Clinic:    simple ways to reduce anxiety due to interactions at the vet and how to respond to signs of stress.  Understanding critical fear periods and how to work around them.
  • Reliable Pet Dog Behaviors:     How to use simple reinforcement strategies to build and modify behavior.
  • Mark and Reward:   What the heck is clicker training and why does it work. The science behind reinforcement protocols.